Baking: Walnut & Lingonberry Sourdough Bread

Walnut & Lingonberry Sourdough Bread

I made two different versions of this bread. One with only walnuts and then I tried again with walnut and Lingonberry. Lingonberry is a typical Swedish berry that you might have tried to the typical Swedish meatballs dish. 

With the Walnut and Lingonberry bread I also added some raw, brown sugar and this bread turned out delicious. 


1 bread:

Ingredients: rye sourdough, 250 grams water, 175 grams rye flour, 225 grams wheat flour, 100-150 grams walnuts and approx. 100 grams Lingonberry. 1 tablespoon of raw/brown sugar.



1. 3-5 hours in the bowl

2. 2 hours in a round bowl covered with a towel and flour



Heated the oven to 250 and just before putting the bread into the oven I lower the temperature to 230. I bake it for 35-40 minutes.




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