Lussebullar / Saffransbullar

Saffron is something Swedish people use a lot in December for Christmas food and bakery. These Saffron buns are super traditional but with a slightly different touch than the standard ones. It´s basically a wheat dough flavoured with saffron and then you fill the buns with a butter and orange cream. Another popular filling is with marzipan.


approx 30 buns:

Ingredients: 850 grams wheat flour, 250 grams water, 250 grams milk, 200 grams sugar, 150 grams butter, 5 grams salt, 25 grams east

For the butter/orange cream: 200 grams of butter mixed with orange zest from 1-2 oranges



1. 2 hours in the bowl

2. 1,5 hours in room temperature or up to 10 hours in the fridge in a round bowl covered with a towel and flour

3. 2 hours when buns are formed and put on the oven tray. They should grow about their double size



210 degrees and bake the buns for 10-15 min. When buns are cold dip them in melted butter and finish with sugar.  


Tips for next time: Before forming the buns put the buns in the freezer, that will make it easier to form them.



Baking: Walnut & Lingonberry Sourdough Bread

Walnut & Lingonberry Sourdough Bread

I made two different versions of this bread. One with only walnuts and then I tried again with walnut and Lingonberry. Lingonberry is a typical Swedish berry that you might have tried to the typical Swedish meatballs dish. 

With the Walnut and Lingonberry bread I also added some raw, brown sugar and this bread turned out delicious. 


1 bread:

Ingredients: rye sourdough, 250 grams water, 175 grams rye flour, 225 grams wheat flour, 100-150 grams walnuts and approx. 100 grams Lingonberry. 1 tablespoon of raw/brown sugar.



1. 3-5 hours in the bowl

2. 2 hours in a round bowl covered with a towel and flour



Heated the oven to 250 and just before putting the bread into the oven I lower the temperature to 230. I bake it for 35-40 minutes.





Baking: cold fermented baguetts

Cold Fermented Baguetts

Imagine it takes 24 hours only doing some baguettes.. yes that is what sourdough bread is even though it is only baguettes you are doing. 
These are made with wheat, sourdough, wheat flout, salt and water. 


Baking: Mocha Biscuits

Mocha Biscuits

Small gluten free biscuits. Also based on a Swedish traditional sweet called Chokladbiskvi. 
Ingredients: almond flour, grated coco, cacao, honey, butter, coffee and 70% dark chocolate.

Baking: Stockholm Levain Bread

Stockholm Levain Bread


Delicious sticky and little acid levain bread.

Ingredients: wheat sour dough, wheat flour, water, salt.