Yoga Prenatal


Yoga is such a beautiful tool for life and new life. I have practiced yoga for several years now and while I was pregnant with my daughter I went to a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Sue Elkind. I have since then been teaching Prenatal Yoga Classes in English, Spanish or Swedish. 


Why Yoga Prenatal? If you practice yoga while you are pregnant you can improve your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety. You will increase your strength and flexibility and even endurance of muscles needed for your childbirth. You will also connect beautifully with your baby


My current location is Madrid, Spain and I´m giving group classes in English  and Spanish every week.

Yoga Clases in Madrid:

Prenatal Yoga in classes in ENGLISH:  Mondays 18:00-19:00. 
Where: Wunder House, Calle San Lorenzo 20, Madrid (
Bring: Please wear comfortable (sports) clothing that allows you to move & breathe & bring a bottle of water. If you have a mat, please bring it, otherwise bring a big towel. 
Single class €15 

Card for 4 classes valid 2 months €45 

No previous experiences needed.

Interested in a private class? Please e-mail me.




Sunrise Yoga Flow

Together with Airbnb Experiences we are organizing this amazing Sunrise Yoga Flow in the Retiro park. 


What will we do: We'll rise early to practice sunrise vinyasa yoga together in a beautiful outdoor space. We'll be in Madrid's picturesque Retiro Park, the so-called "green lung of the city" and home to more than fifteen thousand trees, and several tranquil gardens and lakes. After our practice, we'll unwind over a picnic of organic snacks and tea.


Where: We'll meet at Centro Cultural Casa de Vacas in Retiro Park. From there, we'll walk to the spot where we'll begin our beautiful sunrise yoga practice. Retiro Park is one of the largest and most popular parks in Madrid—and at sunrise, it'll be (mostly) all ours.


See the whole expeience here: Airbnb Sunrise Yoga Flow


Photos by the amazing: Clara B Martin

My last prenatal yoga session before giving birth

Prenatal Yoga

This was 4 days before my daughter was born, here I thought she was suppose to arrive late but she actually arrived 1 week before due date -- week 38. 


These are some poses you can do as pregnant, some of them are little more advanced than others. Practice only the ones that your body allows you to do and that you feel comfortable with. 

Prenatal Yoga Madrid
Warrior on knees, typical pose we do in Prenatal Yoga

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Yoga Retreat in Italy

This is the Yoga & Holiday Retreat Eliza Coolsma organizes every year in north of Italy. It´s a stunning place and the retreat is so good with the mix of Yoga Classes, hikes and meditation, lovely organic food and off course beautiful people.


Yoga Prenatal Flow


Morning Ritual with Yoga Teacher Larissa Hämisegger